CNC Router Service

3D Tech Works provides repair and refurbishment services for a wide range of CNC systems.  Generally, we try to limit our service to CNC Routers and Woodworking machines, we do not normally tackle CNC Milling centers or Lathes.  In addition to servicing and repairing our own equipment, we can handle a wide range of Industrial machines and installations.

We have a service staff with over 30 years experience in Industrial Machinery, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Motion Control Systems, and Electronics and Electrical systems and can assist with virtually any of these types of problems.  Our techs are Electronic Technologists with a wide range of skills and experience with many other disciplines.  Note that it is impossible to be thoroughly knowledgeable on every manufacturer and machine type available.  We will need access to manuals, schematics, and other materials to properly service a specific machine.  The machine manufacturer may need to be contacted to supply this information, and/or factory service techs may need to be contacted for specific troubleshooting assistance.  Please have machine manufacturer contact information available, as well as any documentation on the machine.

We supply many services to clients:

  • Troubleshooting, repair, and testing of large CNC routers and related equipment
  • Source and procure parts and assemblies
  • Refurbish older machines with new control systems and electronic parts to extend their life
  • Scheduled and Preventative maintenance on machines
  • Calibration, testing, and verification services
  • Consulting services for companies wanting to procure new equipment
  • Installation and testing of new installations
We can provide assistance with all of the above as well as offer advice and operational guidance.  

We are a small Calgary based company and provide services only within the Calgary city limits and surrounding area.  Our rates are very affordable  and we charge only for time and travel.  Billing begins when we leave our shop and ends when we return.  Parts and supplies are billed at reasonable rates as well.  We invoice on job completion, and invoices are due and payable at that time.  We do not extend credit terms.  On  larger jobs with extended billing, we reserve the right to invoice at agreed upon milestones for the job.  Standard parts and supplies are simply billed, special order parts or expensive components may require a deposit.  Special orders are not cancellable nor refundable.  We have a GST registration # and all invoices will be billed with GST included.   Payment by bank e-Transfer is preferred, we do not currently accept Credit or Debit cards.  We can accept Corporate checks, but please confer with us before issuing this form of payment.