3D Tech Router Plane Sled

At a glance

Manual Router Plane Sled Kit

Basic Size 1000×1000 mm

Fits any standard 1.5-3HP plunge router

Height adjustable, 4 positions, 20mm increments

Starting at $495.00

Bed, Router, and Router Mount not included

Expandable length in 1000mm increments

Special order extended width, length options

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The 3D Tech Router Plane Sled is a robust manual router planing sled for flattening large pieces of stock such as tree slabs, etc. for table tops and furniture.  It has no motors or other CNC components, and requires no power other than the router itself.  It is strictly manual operation.

The base model is 1000x1000mm overall, and has an X-Y sled mounted on tracks.  The router mount is on the X axis, and it rolls left and right on 4 metal V-wheels for durability.  X axis movement is about 28″ or 750mm.  The router mount can be customized to fit a smaller router to slightly increase the travel.  The X sled just lifts out of the main gantry, for ease of bit changes and maintenance.

The Y axis consists of a large gantry which supports the X sled, and also rolls in the Y direction on two small tracks that bolt to an MDF panel which acts as the base.  Each end plate is 1/4″ aluminum, precision machined with 4 separate height adjustments to allow use with any thickness of lumber.  Each end plate rides on two metal v-wheels in the Y axis tracks.  The base is user supplied, and can be set up to be easily placed on a workbench or table, and stowed vertically against a wall when not in use.

All parts are just held together by gravity, the weight of each piece holds it in it’s track  All slides move extremely easily, almost frictionless, minimizing fatigue and maximizing versatility.  The base rails in the Y plane can easily be extended in 1000 mm increments to allow for the size to be expanded if required.  It would just require a larger base sheet of MDF.


  • Bed area 1000x1000mm,  overall footprint
  • Active area – Approx 730×750
  • Max workpiece height – approx 80mm
  • 4 height adjustments in 20mm increments
  • Router mount not supplied, it can be fabricated out of 1/4″ aluminum or 1/2″ + baltic birch plywood or phenolic
  • All mechanical parts included
  • bed not included, requires 1/2 – 1 sheet 19mm MDF
  • 1500mm width available on special order
  • Y axis tracks easily lengthened in 1000mm increments for longer boards (larger base required)
  • 1500mm width (special order)
  • Track extension set (two 1000mm tracks, track joiners, tee nuts and screws to attach to base)
  • Track extensions also available in 1500mm length (special order)
All Option pricing on request
  • Prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Prices subject to fluctuation in US/CDN dollar conversion. 
  • Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling.  
  • All pricing FOB Calgary, Alberta
Prices are for mechanical parts bundle only.  MDF base panel, router, and router mount plate not included.
  1. 1000w x 1000mm kit (except router mount and base)                                                            $475.00CDN
  2. 1500w x 1500mm kit except router mount and base  (Special order)                                   $550.00CDN
  3. 1000mm extension kit                                                                                                                    $60.00CDN
  4. 1500mm extension kit   (Special Order)                                                                                      $70.00CDN
  5. Kreg 300x235x10mm thick phenolic universal router mount plate                                       $125.00CDN