OB Mini Mill

At a glance

  • Xaxis 120mm / Y axis 180mm / Z axis 80mm
  • Kit only
  • Moving table desktop mill
  • NEMA23 Motor, Screw Drive on X,Y, Axes, Lead Screw Z  Axis
  • Kits (motors included) Starting at $750.00
  • (Note:  Some photos include optional extras)
  • Electronics, Router, and other options extra

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The Mini Mill is a design by OpenBuilds that puts milling capabilities right on your desktop.   Mini size, big possibilities.  Comes with NEMA 23 motors, and complete mechanical parts package.   Same top quality parts as the big machines, at an affordable price.

Electronics, router, and other accessories shown are extra

  • Xaxis 120mm / Y axis 180mm / Z axis 80mm
  •  Material height 70mm
  •  Lead screw drive
  •  .001″ – .003″ (.05-.1mm) accuracy
  • Footprint  400 x 560mm
  • Dewalt DWP611 router, variable speed, soft start, 1/4″ chuck
  • Makita router, RT0701 variable speed, 1/4″ chuck
  • Router mount – specify router type when ordering  
  • Router on/off remote control module
  • Black Box Electronics package
  • Power supply with PowerCase
 All Option pricing on request
  • Prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Prices subject to fluctuation in US/CDN dollar conversion. 
  • Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling.  
  • All pricing FOB Calgary, Alberta
  1. Mini Mill Kit of parts (including motors)                                                                             $750.00 CDN 

Includes: Includes all mechanical parts, motors, wiring kit.  Does not include router mount,  router, power supply, electronics, or other accessories.

       2.  Electronics Package                                                                                                               $350.00 CDN

Includes power supply kit, BlackBox controller