Laser Modules


Lasers are extremely dangerous.  Laser radiation can damage your eyesight or cause blindness, cause extreme burns to skin, and start fires.   3D Tech Works has no responsibility or liability for personal or property damage, injury to yourself or others related to the use or inability to use this product.  Always use APPROVED laser Safety Goggles and use proper protective gear and safety procedures when using this product.  Area must be posted with proper signage and access to the area must be restricted when the laser is in use.

At a glance

  • 2.8W, 4.2W, and 7W diode laser kits available
  • Complete add on package for any of our machines
  • Laser blocking eyewear included and laser blocking acrylic available
  • Fits on any machine in place of the router
  • Can be installed by us at build time
  • Simple connections, one cable to controller and external power supply
  • (Note:  Some photos include optional extras)
  • Prices starting at $795.00

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These are very high quality laser modules, not like the junk Chinese units available on Ebay and elsewhere.  These lasers have Excellent quality diodes and optics made in the US for great accuracy.   High quality safety approved electronics with several interlocks to prevent unauthorised or unintended operation.   All lasers are optically tested and certified for power output.

Sets include the laser diode module with cooling and mount, electronics module, external power supply,  cables, and Laser blocking goggles.

The 2.8W is a very accurate unit with small spot size for incredibly detailed engraving.  The 4.2W has a bit bigger spot, but is able to engrave harder materials and can do very light cutting of thin, soft materials like balsa and thin acrylic.  The 7W is a higher power unit with increased cutting ability.   Note that while these lasers can be used for cutting thin and light materials, they are NOT Cutting Lasers, they are engraving lasers.  Cutting materials with these lasers generally requires several passes and may require the use of the Z axis during cutting to maintain focus.  

Warning:  Lasers are extremely dangerous and at these power levels (Class 4) can cause severe burns, eye damage  or blindness and other issues if not used correctly.  The user is solely responsible for his or her own safety while using these products,  3D Tech Works takes no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of use or misuse of these products.  You will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability if you purchase one of these units. 

2.8W Laser Module

  • Output power Max -2.8W
  • Wavelength Typ – 445 nm 
  • Focused Spot Size Min – .006″
  • Beam divergence Typ – 14 deg

 4.2W Laser Module

  • Output power Max – 4.2W
  • Wavelength typ –  445 nm 
  • Focused Spot Size Min – .008″
  • Beam divergence Typ – 14 deg

7W Laser Module

  • Output power Max – 7W
  • Wavelength typ – 445 nm
  • Focused Spot Size Min – .007″
  • Beam divergence Typ – 14 deg
  •  Extra Safety Laser Blocking Goggles
  • Laser blocking acrylic sheet sq. ft.
  • Mounts for various machines
  •  Acro Z stage
  • High Efficiency Lens
  • High Resolution Lens
  • Power and signal extension cables
 All Option pricing on request
  • Prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Prices subject to fluctuation in US/CDN dollar conversion. 
  • Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling.  
  • All pricing FOB Calgary, Alberta
  1. 2.8W laser module with glasses, power supply, control unit and cables                              $795.00 CDN 
  2. 4.2W Laser module with glasses, power supply, control unit and cables                             $995.00 CDN
  3. 7W Laser module with glasses, power supply, control unit and cables                                $1195.00 CDN