Accessories Page

We currently do not have an online store implemented.  This section shows only the most common parts and accessories we offer.   We are able to supply lots of parts and products not listed here.    We do stock small parts, metric screws and nuts, aluminum extrusions, and so on.  Please call if you have a specific request.

All prices subject to change without notice.  Pricing may vary with the current exchange rate on the US dollar.  Prices are FOB Calgary and exclusive of taxes and shipping charges.  Items may not be exactly as shown, we reserve the right to substitute an equivalent item of equal or greater value.  Quantity pricing may be available, please contact us for a quote.

Electrical and Electronic Parts

Power Supply

24V 350W Mean Well power supply.  120/240V input, switchable.   UL/CSA approved

$90.00 CDN


Innovative add on for the Mean Well supply above that consists of a PC board enclosure and components for switching and distributing power.  Eliminates open terminals and covers dangerous line voltage contacts.  Has a power sitch, IEC socket for power cord, and output pluggable terminals for DC. Includes enclosure kit, line cord, DC plugs, and a length of DC cable.  Power supply not included.

40.00 CDN


Openbuilds Black Box Controller

Full featured GRBL based controller with stepper drivers built in.  Also, inputs for limit switches, and outputs for coolant solenoid and external Laser or Spindle relay.  Power relay for external control, serial interface for expansion.  USB input, XYZ motor outputs with additional slaved output for 4 motor systems.  Internal fan cooling.  Bolts directly onto v-slot extrusion for a clean install.  Nice all in one solution.

$300.00 CDN

Openbuilds Interface Pendant

INTERFACE puts control in your hands, enabling you to Jog, Home, Zero, Load and Run jobs all from a stand alone plug and play hand held pendant.

No computer required! Run your jobs directly at your machine with the OpenBuilds INTERFACE.Its never been easier, simply load the job, set the starting point and run it.

INTERFACE was designed as a purpose built tool that is a part of your machine. It is rugged, user friendly and it will quickly become a favorite in your shop!

$269.00 CDN

3D Tech Electronics Package

This is a full featured parts package for kit machines.  This is the electronics package used on all turnkey machines built in our shop.   Mounts on the back of the X axis for ease of wiring and does not require a separate enclosure.  Comes with all cable chain and wire. Features:

  • Arduino Nano w/screw terminal base preloaded with GRBL
  • Power supply with PowerCase kit
  • 3/4 Stepper driver modules
  • pre drilled Mounting panel and dust shield
  • Cable chain 1m large, .5m small
  • all wire, terminals and connectors
  • All mounting hardware
  • USB cable 10′
  • E-stop kit
Kit with 3 stepper drivers                                  $550.00 CDN
Kit with 4 stepper Drivers                                  $595.00 CDN
 Currently unavailable

E-Stop Kit

Includes E-stop switch, enclosure, NO or NC switch deck (please specify) and 2 meters of 2 conductor cable.                                                                                             $40.00 CDN

Electronic Homing Switch Kit

Includes 3 proximity sensor switches, 3 sets mounting hardware, 3 sets target hardware.  Can be modified to full limit switch setup easily.   Note:  Requires 3D Tech Arduino Isolated BOB.

As a kit of parts                                                     $75.00 CDN

OB Black Box Compatible Limits

Openbuilds  limit switch kits with pcb mount, LED, noise filter, and Xtension plug.  Compatible with Black Box controller.  3 switch kits,  and all hardware.  (18′ 3 conductor cable included)

                                                                              $60.00 CDN

Arduino Nano, w/Terminal board

Arduino Nano, Preloaded with latest GRBL version, Screw Terminal shield board for easy wiring available separately                                                                                                                                                                                            $25.00 CDN

Stepper Driver Module

TB6560 based module, up to 3A current capability, 34V Max.  Dip switch settings for 1,2,8,16 microstep, hold current, and  decay mode.   Pluggable screw terminals 

Currently unavailable                                                                                                                                                                                           $40.00 CDN

Photo coming soon

3D Tech CNC Bob

Designed and built by us, this Break Out Board (BOB) incorporates the Arduino, several optocouplers to isolate signals and noise, and power for external active prox sensors.  It simplifies wiring by providing terminal blocks for drivers, external relays, spindle, probe, etc. while keeping all signals isolated from the computer.    Note: circuit board shown.  Unit comes fully assembled and tested.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $75.00 CDN

Standard torque Stepper Motor

1.2 Nm torque (175 oz/in) Standard motor                                                                                                           $45.00 CDN

Mid torque Stepper Motor

1.8 Nm torque (260 oz/in) mid torque motor                                                                                                      $55.00 CDN

High torque Stepper Motor

2.4 Nm torque (345 oz/in) High Torque motor                                                                                                    $70.00 CDN

10x15mm ID Drag Chain

10x15mm inside cable chain, 1000mm

                                                                          $25.00 CDN

15x30mm ID Drag Chain

15x30mm inside cable chain, 1000mm

                                                                        $35.00 CDN

15x40mm ID Drag Chain

15x40mm inside cable chain, 1000mm

                                                                            $40.00 CDN

Z Axis Zeroing Probe

Allows automated zeroing of Z axis height.  Requires a small G-code program or macro to operate.  Connects to Arduino A5 and ground.

Sensor only                                                            $25.00 CDN 

LED Light Ring for router mount

Illuminates the router bit for ease of operation.  Operates directly from 24V supply.

LED Light ring                                                    $20.00 CDN

Remote Router Power Switch

Allows on/off router control from the g-code software.  Easily connects to Arduino spindle output.  W / input cord

IOT power Switch                                             $65.00 CDN

Tripp Lite Power Filter

Filters AC power to Machine controller and computer.  Highly recommended to prevent noise problems and protect from surges.  Required for warranty coverage on pre-assembled machines.

4 Outlet Power Filter                                        $90.00 CDN

2 Outlet Mini Filter                                            $70.00 CDN

Routers, Bits, and accessories

Dewalt DWP611 router

Dewalt DWP611 1.25hp variable speed soft start router.  Compatible with 71mm mount. 7A, 16000-27000 RPM

Currently Unavailable

                                                                            $220.00 CDN

Makita RT0701c router

Makita RT0701c 1.25hp variable speed soft start router.  Compatible with 65mm mount.   7A, 10000-30000 RPM

                                                                               $160.00 CDN

Gearish RoutER11 Spindle

Similar to Makita RT0701c 1hp variable speed soft start router.  Compatible with 65mm mount.   7A, 10000-30000 RPM.  Comes with Heavy duty bearings, ER11 chuck with 4 collets – 3mm, 6mm, 1/4″, 1/8″, spare brushes, 65 to 71mm adapter

                                                                               $220.00 CDN

Router Mount

Available in 65 and 71mm internal diameter.  Heavy aluminum mount.  Includes mounting kit (4 mounting brackets, screws and tee nuts).  Use two for extra strength.    Includes LED light ring.

 65mm Diameter – fits Makita                           $65.00 CDN 

71mm Diameter – fits Dewalt and Bosch        $65.00 CDN

Dust Boot

3D printed Dust boot, available in 2 sizes, easy removal for bit changes, sturdy.  Available in 2 sizes with 2.25″ Shop Vac dust port, other port configurations special order.  Color may vary.  Note:  Obscures LED light ring, not compatible with dual router mount

 65mm Diameter – fits Makita/Router11       $120.00 CDN 

71mm Diameter – fits Dewalt                           $120.00 CDN

1/8" Single Flute bit

Available in 22 and 30mm cutter length, single flute upcut solid carbide bit for hard materials and nonferrous metals.  Available individually or in a box of 10.

 Single bit                                                                $4.00 CDN

 Box of 10                                                              $30.00 CDN

1/8" 2 Flute flat nose bit

Double flute bit upcut spiral solid carbide.  Available individually or in a box of 10.

 Single bit                                                                $4.00 CDN

 Box of 10                                                               $30.00 CDN

1/8" 2 Flute ball nose bit

Double flute bit upcut spiral solid carbide.  Ball nose for 3D carving.  Available individually or in a box of 10.

 Single bit                                                                $4.00 CDN

Box of 10                                                               $30.00 CDN

1/8" Engraving bit

Engraving bit fot engraving non ferrous metals, wood, or PCB’s.  .2, .4, .6mm width, 15 degree tip.  TiN coated for long life.   Available individually or in a box of 10.

 Single bit                                                                $4.00 CDN

Box of 10                                                               $30.00 CDN

1/4" shank V-bit

Available in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ diameters and 60 and 90 degree v.  Used for V-carving

 Call for price                                               $15.00-23.00CDN

2 Flute 1/4" Shank Upcut spiral bit

Upcut solid carbide for drilling and internal cuts.  Available in 1/4″ and 1/8″  cut with 1/4″ shank

 Call for price                                                   $15-30.00 CDN

1/4" Downcut spiral bit 2 flute

Down cut bit for smooth edge finish on outside cuts.  Solid Carbide, available in 1/8″ and 1/4″ cut, 1/4″ shank

 Call for price                                                   $15-30.00 CDN

1/8" bit adapter

Adapter to use 1/8″ bits in 1/4″ router collet.

Adapter                                                                   $10.00 CDN

Metric Drill Taps

Your choice of M3, M4, or M5 drill taps.

  each                                                                       $7.50 CDN