3D Tech Workbee Machine

At a glance

  • Available in sizes from 500x750mm to 1000x1000mm (sizes over 1000mm belt drive only)
  • We do not recommend or sell the 1500×1000 or 1500x1500mm kits because we believe them to be inferior machines
  • NEMA23 Motor Timing Belt Or Screw Drive on X,Y, Axes, Lead Screw Z  Axis
  • Electronics not included
  • Available in several different sizes and configurations
  • Kits (motors included) Starting at $1495.00
  • (Note:  Some photos include optional extras)
  • We can also supply any of these machines fully assembled and tested!
  • 3D Tech provides a value add package with these machines which includes stronger base, better Z axis, and Spoil Board mounting package ($100.00 value) at no extra cost

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The Workbee is a robust CNC router platform. Originally designed by Ooznest in the UK, this platform is revolutionary in that it has capability for both belt and screw drive methods. Screw drive can be implemented in all sizes up to 1000x1000mm, which is the largest lead screw available. Sizes up to 1500×1500 are possible, but above 1000m on any axis it must be a belt drive. It is made entirely of extruded aluminum sections with good strength and rigidity. A sturdy base with front and back full width legs provides stability, and C-Beam extrusions form the axis tracks. The V-groove profile provides very good rigidity with little weight. The kits include all mechanical parts needed for the machine, including standard NEMA 23 motors. Travel is somewhat less than the overall length to allow for width of the carriage, etc.

The Y-Axis rides on a pair of 14(!) wheel carriages on the c-beam extrusions. Each carriage has an inner stiffener plate to further reinforce the carriage. The Y – Gantry plates are machined aluminum, (not plastic as on some versions) and connected to each other with a c-beam extrusion that forms the track for the X-Axis. The wide wheel spacing provides maximum strength and stiffness, while allowing the carriages to move freely. There are 2 Y-Axis NEMA 23 motors, one for each side of the Y-Axis. Each gantry plate has a motor mount for a belt drive located within the c-beam inner pocket. For screw drive, the motors are mounted on the integral plates on the back of the c-beams, with the screw drive also running inside the c-beam pocket and protected from debris.

The X-Z axis carriage rolls over the c-beam extrusion connecting the side gantry plates, with a similar belt drive or screw drive system. This beam is very strong. There are 4 sets of double v-wheels that roll on top of the track for strength, and three sets of double wheels on the bottom of the X-Axis carriage. The wheels connect a pair of gantry plates front and back of the track extrusions for added strength and stiffness. The rear gantry plate mounts the stepper drive motor for the X-Axis belt drive, while for screw drive the motor mounts on the end of the axis on one of the Y gantry plates. The front gantry plate mounts the 6 vertical v-wheels for the Z-Axis traveller.

The Z-Axis C-Beam extrusion is 250mm in length, with a travel of a little over 80mm. The Z axis is supported by 6 widely spaced v-wheels. The Z-Axis actuator is lead screw driven by a top mounted stepper motor. NEMA 23 motors are used throughout give additional torque for heavier spindle motors. A 71mm heavy router mount is an option to use a Bosch Colt or a Dewalt Router.  A 65mm router mount is also available to mount Makita routers and some DC spindles

An MDF spoil board is mounted in the bottom of the frame. (Not included). The spoil board is bolted to the frame around the perimeter to enhance strength an rigidity.  The kit can be configured either with a high spoil board (40mm higher, not recommended) which gives additional rigidity to the Z axis but reduces Z axis travel, or a low spoil board which gives additional travel for thicker workpieces at the expense of a bit of rigidity. The kit includes all parts for either configuration.

  • Bed area Sizes available: 500x750mm, 750x750mm, 750x1000mm, 1000x1000mm
  • Active area 1000x1000mm – Approx 700x700x90mm
  • Belt or screw drive options (belt only above 1000mm axis length) 
  • includes Standard 175 Oz-in NEMA 23 motors 
  • All mechanical parts included
  • Electronics package not included

The Chinese kits are just as good quality as the OB kits, but are quite a bit cheaper.  They do not include wiring kits, while the OB kit includes a full wiring kit for motors and homing switches, and OB branded parts like wheels, etc..  The OB wiring kit is set up to connect to the Black Box controller, it is not compatible with other controllers.  

Options available

  • Full assembly, calibration, and testing
  • full black extrusion option
  • Dewalt DWP611 router, variable speed, soft start, 1/4″ chuck
  • Makita router, RT0701 variable speed, 1/4″ chuck
  • Router mount – specify router type when ordering
  • Slotted Spoil board – only for fully assembled machines
  • Electronic Homing Switch Package
  • Cable chain kit, 1 – 15x30x1m, 1 – 10x20x.5m with mounting hardware
  • Z probe – Z only, or XYZ
  • Mid Torque motor upgrade – 1.9 N/m (50% more than standard)
  • Full Electronics package available
  • Router on/off remote control module
  • Dust Boot
All Option pricing on request
  • Prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Prices subject to fluctuation in US/CDN dollar conversion. 
  • Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling.  
  • All pricing FOB Calgary, Alberta
Chinese Kits – Come with all parts and motors, but no wiring, no electronics, and no router mount.  Specify router type when ordering.  Equivalent quality to OB kits, just doesn’t include wiring
  •  500x750mm kit of mechanical parts (including standard motors) screw drive                    $1495.00CDN
  • 750x750mm kit of mechanical parts (including standard motors) screw drive                     $1595.00CDN
  • 750x1000mm kit of mechanical parts (including standard motors) screw drive                   $1695.00CDN
  • 1000x1000mm kit of mechanical parts (including standard motors) screw drive                 $1795.00CDN
Openbuilds Kit – Comes with all parts and motors, with full wiring kit (for Black Box controller only) including Homing switches and slot cover, router mount, LED light ring
  •  1000x1000mm kit of mechanical parts – includes standard motors                                      $2050.00CDN
Electronics Package (example)

  • OB Black Box controller                                                                                                                   $220.00CDN
  • OB Power supply with PowerCase kit                                                                                           $115.00CDN
  • Predrilled mounting panel (bolts to back of X axis, with dust shield and hardware              $65.00 CDN
  • Cable Chain Kit – 15x30x1000mm, 10x15x500mm, mounting hardware                                $65.00 CDN

Fully Assembled and Tested

  1. 1000x1000mm Fully Assembled and tested (router not included)                                          $3095.00CDN 

Includes: Fully assembled, tested, and Calibrated machine with spoil board.  Does not include router mount,  router, or other accessories.