3D Tech CBM 3

At a glance

  • 380x380mm, fully assembled only
  • Moving table, with extra table support
  • Full aluminum extrusion table standard
  • Upgraded  version of the OB C-Beam Machine 1
  • NEMA23 Motor, Screw Drive on X,Y, Axes, Lead Screw Z  Axis
  • Available fully assembled only
  • Starting at $2695
  • (Note:  Some photos include optional extras)
  • Electronics, Router, and other options extra

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The CBM3 is a design by 3D Tech which is a upgraded version of the entry level OB C-Beam Machine.  This machine is available fully assembled only.  Several improvements have been made to the original design, including

  • significant increase in X axis rigidity using C-beam uprights
  • larger machineable area than its predecessor
  • improved X/Z axis using stock plates
  • integrated electronics
  • table support to increase rigidity
  • ability to use double router mount
  • aluminum table standard
The frame has been upgraded by using c-beam uprights that go right to the base of the machine instead of lighter uprights sitting on top of the base rails.  The X axis c-beam has additional rigidity by tying it to the secondary support rail.  Light duty Universal gantry plates are replaced by much heavier C-Beam XL plates with additional wheels.  Added wheels running in tracks on both sides of the moving table provide much better support for the table and eliminate table flex.  Mor wheels on the Y axis actuator strengthen the table.
This is a very stiff machine designed to machine wood,  light aluminum, and engrave on wood, metal, and plastics.  Also idea for making circuit boards.  The aluminum table allows for the use of a mist lubricator to facilitate machining non-ferrous metals.
All these modifications were done without adding a lot of cost to the original design.
  • 500x500mm overall footprint
  • Active area –  380mm (X) x 330mm (Y), x 75mm (Z) approx, 
  • Max workpiece height – approx 60mm
  • screw drive  
  • includes Standard 175 Oz-in NEMA 23 motors 
  • All mechanical parts included
  • Electronics package included
  • Basic accuracy .004″ or .1mm
  • Dewalt DWP611 router, variable speed, soft start, 1/4″ chuck
  • Makita router, RT0701C variable speed, 1/4″ chuck
  • Router mount – specify router type when ordering  
  • Double router mount available
  • Full Aluminum Table standard
  • Electronic Homing Switch Package
  • Full Limit Switch Package
  • Z probe – Z only, or XYZ
  • Router on/off remote control module
  • Dust Boot
  • Acrylic side panels
 All Option pricing on request
  • Prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Prices subject to fluctuation in US/CDN dollar conversion. 
  • Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling.  
  • All pricing FOB Calgary, Alberta
  1. 500x500mm Fully Assembled and tested (router not included)                                          $2695.00 CDN 

Includes: Fully assembled, tested, and Calibrated machine with aluminum table.  Does not include router or other accessories.