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Openbuilds Lead Machine

The Lead Machine is OpenBuilds latest kit offering.  1000x1000mm, lead screw drive, adjustable X/Z axis height.  Available as a kit, or fully assembled*


The Workbee is a design by Ooznest in the UK.  Available in several sizes, lead screw drive.   Our Best Seller.  Available as a kit, or fully assembled*

Openbuilds C-Beam XL Machine

The C-Beam XL is a medium sized moving table machine.  500mm x 1000mm in size, it fits on a standard bench top. Lead screw drive.  Available  fully assembled* only.

Openbuilds Sphinx Machine

The Sphinx is a small-medium sized moving gantry machine, Designed by Openbuilds member Kyo.  500mm x 500mm, or 500 x 1000mm in size, it fits on a standard bench top. Lead screw drive.  Available  as a kit or fully assembled* .

3D Tech Router Plane Sled

Introducing the 3D Tech Router Plane Sled.  This is a sled to allow flattening large work such as tree sections and slabs.  Completely manual, not a CNC machine

OpenBuilds Mini Mill

The OB Mini Mill is a tiny entry level machine designed for making small parts.  It’s machining area of 4×6″ makes it useful in space critical applications, like engraving and small parts.  Available in kit form  only.

OpenBuilds Acro Laser Platform

The OB Acro Laser platform is a light NEMA17 driven CNC platform available in 5 different sizes, from 500x500mm to 1000x1500mm.  It can mount any commercial laser (not included) and uses simple plug and play electronics (also not included)  Available in kit form  or fully assembled*.

Laser Modules

We sell 3 types of laser modules, easily adapted to any CNC or the Acro Laser platform.  2.8W, 4.2W, and 7w power levels.  Bolts directly to an OB router mount or the Acro platform.  Includes power supply, cabling, and protective eyewear.


We sell tons of accessories, electronics packages, bits, routers, everything you need to get started with CNC or to customize your machine.  We also sell most OB parts and extrusions individually from stock if you need repairs or are building your own machine.