Homing and the Special Position Buttons

    In GRBL Panel, there are two user programmable buttons Special Position 1, and Special Position 2, that are handy for several purposes.  These buttons are programmable to any position on the machine simply by moving the machine to that position, and programming the button to remember the location.  These buttons remember their position … Read moreHoming and the Special Position Buttons

Installing and Using a Laser Module to your CNC Machine

Introduction A Laser is a worthwhile addition to your CNC Machine.  It allows you to engrave text, images, and enhance CNC carvings by adding borders, hatching, etc.  Lasers can also even be used to cut thin materials (limited), engrave on cloth, do photo engraving, and many other applications.  However, Lasers are inherently dangerous to use, … Read moreInstalling and Using a Laser Module to your CNC Machine

Intro to CNC Electronics

Finally time for some hardcore electronics! The amount of hardware and software available for CNC controllers is pretty extensive. Several companies offer integrates packages that will do all the necessary functions. There are several approaches, the LPT port powered or external motion controller systems which use MACH 3 software, and the Arduino powered systems. There … Read moreIntro to CNC Electronics