In The Beginning…

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging.  Not sure why I am doing this, other than it adds content to my website.  Being an unemployed Electronic Designer, it gives me something to do to keep me off the streets.  I was laid off from a career of 35 years earlier this year, another casualty of low oil prices.  However, I’m not dead yet, nor am I quite ready to retire, so we’ll see what shakes out of all this.  There is a link on the site to my online bio/resume if you have the slightest interest in what makes me tick, at least career-wise.  Or if you have a burning desire to have the benefit of my impressive intellect and experience working for you (for an substantial stipend, of course).

3D Tech Works is my second attempt at creating a WebPage.  I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but like Darwin, I have a theory that it will evolve with time, hopefully in the direction of survival of the fittest.  Surely, the weak and lame content will die out, leaving only the shining beacon of excellence behind.  Yeah, right.

Since I am trying to sell benchtop CNC equipment to potential beginners in the art, I thought adding a technical blog to the site was a good idea.  I will try to cover the basics of CNC machines, the deep dark secrets of how they work, and the work flow that goes into creating a design, generating a g-code program, and feeding it to a machine, taking ideas to reality.  There is something fundamentally satisfying about creating things by your own hand, even though you use a large dose of technology to assist.

In any case, I have decided to start this blog as my entry point into freelance writing. Maybe someone will notice. I  have always enjoyed writing, although up to this point it has been limited to technical manuals and instructional tomes.  This blog will serve to give me practical experience, and as an example of my talents that I can show to prospective clients.  Besides, I need the money.

So, onward and upward.  I am learning how to use a program designed to do WYSIWYG websites to help me in setting up the pages you are currently perusing. Although I know nothing of HTML, or scripts, or any of this stuff, I am yet not too old a dog to learn these new tricks.  We shall also see how that goes.  I may review the program as I get a bit more familiar with it. 

 Questions?  Drop me a line and ask away!