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Important Notice:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, commencing Feb 1, 2021, we are no longer doing custom machine builds.   We are focusing on importing and reselling CNC machine kits.  We will still be open, and taking orders for kits.  We will no longer be importing machines directly from China due to regulatory and other issues.  We will be importing from the US only.  

We will be available to provide advice, referrals, and answer CNC related questions.


1.  Please take the time to READ through the website.  The answers to 90% of your questions are here, including  prices, specs, info on software, tutorials and explanations of how things work in the Blog, etc.

2.  We are a local Calgary based business. 

3.  Please use the Contact Form rather than simply emailing us.  It provides important info for me to assess your request.  Although we ask for your phone number, we do not sell, share, or do other telemarketing.  We simply use the area code to find out what area you live in, and if we do not get a response to our email reply, we may try to contact you by phone or text to verify that you have received our response. 

4. We do not have a storefront or demo machines.  We  do not stock machines.  We do have a complete parts inventory.  We run a small business out of our home shop.  Visits by appointment only. 

5.  While our site does work on a mobile device, we recommend using a full size computer or laptop to view the site for the best experience. 

COVID19 update – we are open and  things are slowly starting to improve.  At least they were, until this latest round.  The $CAD has bounced back a bit, and shipping is starting to open up.  Shipping times are still slow, so expect delays on most orders.  Some Pricing on the site has been updated, but please contact us for a quote.  Note also that supply is somewhat slow due to shipping and movement constraints, and some products are still unavailable or sell out quickly when they do come back into stock.   This will affect your delivery dates.

We supply industry standard kits for CNC machinery specifically designed for the beginner to advanced hobbyist.

We supply benchtop CNC routers kits with state of the art components and modular construction techniques to keep costs down and quality up.

All our benchtop machines are based on OpenBuilds open source hardware and designs.  Open Source hardware is a freely distributed system whereby any user can purchase, assemble, and use proprietary component designs for their own use without penalty.  

We do not sell machines larger than 1000x1000mm.  If you want a larger industrial machine, be prepared for sticker shock.  We can refer you to several companies that can help you out.

We currently supply several different models of Benchtop CNC kits, in different sizes and price ranges for any budget.  Note that these are Hobby grade machines and are not designed for full time industrial or commercial use.

We can ship kits anywhere in Canada, but we do not export outside of Canada. All currently available kis are shown  on the Products page. 

Our kits are not limited to CNC milling. All of the machines can be equipped with Vinyl Cutting heads, Laser Heads, etc.  

NEW!  We have recently added the ability to pay by Credit Card or your Paypal account to our website.  We can send you a link via email, or you can click on the Online Payment menu item to be redirected to the payment page.  Please read all instructions before trying this method.

We are an Official OpenBuilds Dealer!!!


I had a few CNC machines that were operating poorly. I was very concerned about having anyone work on them in case they quit as a result of the repairs. Darrell took care of my concerns and did a beautiful job repairing the machines. Darrell spent a great deal of time listening and thinking about what my needs were before he made his plans. He was extremely thorough in his examinations, both of the machines, and what our company intended to do with them. The repairs were done in a way that could be undone if the repairs went bad. This is unheard of, and what all repair technicians should do! He made back-up plans that would keep me in business if the upgrades didn't work out. In the end his repairs worked out perfectly. My CNC machines are running far better than they did when they were new. He fixed design flaws that were built into the machines. (The CNC companies should hire him to fix the machine flaws before they sell them to us.) Darrell understands that your machines are essential to your business, and goes out of his way to make sure that you will not regret consulting him.
John Munro
D.J. Works Inc.
Our purchase of the large OX CNC from 3D Tech Works has been a great experience. The build quality is outstanding! And the customer service awesome! The machine is worth every penny.
Eric B
Cabinet Maker
After having numerous problems with our Intellicarve 1015 we contacted 3D Tech Works to see if they could replace all the electronics in our CNC machine. Darrell researched what was needed and got back to us quickly with several very good options. Once we decided on which option was the best for our application, Darrell scheduled the machine into his shop to make the repairs. Darrell was very accommodating and sensitive to our production requirements; scheduling us in on a weekend when it was the least disruptive to our work flow. Our CNC is now faster, more reliable, and we have more control over our routing jobs. We would most definitely recommend Darrell at 3D Tech Works for any technical advice and repairs/upgrades to your existing machine.
New Lake Woodcraft, Cranbrook, BC
Would definitely recommend buying a CNC router though 3D Tech Works. Darrell was very helpful from day one and didn't try and sell me anything I didn't need. He was also flexible enough to build and setup the machine in my garage as I had chosen the 4x8' option and this made the process a lot simpler for me. Another reason that I would recommend 3D Tech Works is Darrell will really help you understand how the machine works and this build process has given me much better knowledge of CNC than I would have got by just buying one. If you are thinking of importing a router from the US or China speak to 3D Tech Works first, as you will be surprised what you can get for your money in Calgary, with the advantage of local help if this is your first machine.
Cochrane Art & Design
This summer I decided I would attempt a CNC build. After doing a bunch of research and looking for sources for components I stumbled across Darrell and 3dTechWorks. I did not realize at the time that I had found much more than simply a potential supplier. Darrell's knowledge of CNC systems is incredible both from a technical and practical standpoint. He truly is a world class expert when it comes to anything CNC. While a CNC build looks reasonably simple from watching a YouTube video of someone else doing it, the actual steps and precision involved are much more difficult and demanding, especially when you are doing everything for the first time. Darrell's practical advice and knowledge were invaluable during my build process. After having successfully completed my build I'd also pass along the advice that unless you truly enjoy building and manufacturing a precise and complicated system like a CNC from scratch, that your best investment of your time and sanity would be to buy an expertly premade CNC system from Darrell and 3dTechWorks.
Roger Dilsner
Roger Dilsner
I was so happy when looking for a machine that I found 3D Tech Works online.   I got a Workbee 1000x1000 fully loaded and had Darrell assemble it for me to save some time.  He did an amazing job and had it all calibrated ready to roll.    He went over the whole machine when I picked it up including maintenance.    He has been most helpful beyond the machine with ideas and settings and pointing me in the right direction.   I owned a smaller machine and with this machine and his help I have optimized my process for my carvings.  Thanks Darrell (3D Tech Works) for everything.
-Ben Parry (Fishing Lake, SK)