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3D Tech Works 2.8W, 4.2W Laser Modules
Laser Retrofit Kits Starting at $695


Lasers are extremely dangerous.  Laser radiation can destroy your eyesight, cause serious burns, and start fires.  We take no responsibility for any personal or property damage, or injury to yourself or others related to the use or inability to use this product.  ALWAYS wear approved Laser Safety Goggles and use proper protective gear and procedures when using this product.

3D Tech Works is pleased to announce the availability of a new 2.8W Blue Laser Module.  This module has enough power to engrave almost any material, except metal, and to do limited cutting of thin materials such as Balsa wood, thin plywood (1/8"), acrylic, foam, etc.

The laser module simply bolts onto the front of the standard router mount, and the controller mounts on the top of most Z Axis beams.  All electrical connections are by simple plug ins, which allows the unit to easily be installed and removed to swap out for the standard router.

The system includes the Blue Laser, mounting with forced air cooling, the control module, and a power supply for the laser.  It also comes with a pair of Laser Safety Goggles, which are an absolute must.  The system comes completely wired, but the user must add a couple of wires for power and Laser Enable to his existing machine.  If the Laser Module is ordered with the machine, the installation is included.

The Laser Control Module has connections for an interlock loop, which can be used for an E-Stop switch or door interlocks for a cabinet.  It also powers the Laser Module, the Fan, and has a keyswitch that disables the laser so the user can be confident no one can use the laser without authorization.  LED indicators indicate the status of the Laser at all times.   In addition, a safety power interlock disables the laser in the event of a power failure, the system must be reset if the power fails when the laser is on.

A separate 12V power module is included to power the Laser, it can be plugged in anywhere.  

New!  The 3.8W has been upgraded to a 4.2W for extra cutting and engraving power!

New!  A 7W laser module is now available for the ultimate in diode laser power!

Free Software is available to run the laser, and the latest version of GRBL and GRBL Panel have Laser support.

The Laser Module, Mount, and Fan
Warning:  Lasers are extremely dangerous, and at these power levels can cause extreme skin burns and destroy your eyesight in seconds.  We take no responsibility for any injury sustained as a result of purchasing and using this equipment.
The Laser Module and Laser Controller mounted on the Z axis
Actual Product may differ slightly from photos

  • Power: 12VDC, 12W max.  100-132VAC input.  
  • Laser Power, 2.8W Optical Power, 435 nM
  • Focus Distance, 3", adjustable
  • Optical Output Power @1.3 amps 1.6 W 
  • Optical Output Power @1.5 amps 2.2 W 
  • Dominant Wavelength 435-455 nm 
  • Threshold Current 80-220 mA 
  • Operating Voltage 3.7-5.5 V 
  • Focused Spot Size 0.007-0.009 Inches 
  • Beam Divergence Full Angle (1/e^2) // 5 14 25 deg. 
  • Beam Divergence Full Angle (1/e^2) – Perp 30 44 50 deg. 
    -Above specifications are for reference purposes only and are subject to change. Figures in specifications may contain measurement errors.

  • Extra Laser Safety Glasses
  • Laser Optical Shield (fits around Mount)
  • E-Stop Switch

Pricing  :
  • Laser Retrofit Kit, 2.8W Laser, mount, fan, controller, Laser Glasses, and power supply, laser shield     $795.00 CDN 
  • NEW! Laser Retrofit Kit, 4.2W Laser,all parts same as above                                                                   $995.00 CDN   
  • NEW  Laser Retrofit Kit, 7W blue laser, all parts same as above                                                               $1195.00 CDN
  • Retrofit Laser Optical Shield                                                                                                                       $60.00CDN
  • Extra Laser Safety Glasses                                                                                                                          $62.50CDN
  • E-Stop Switch                                                                                                                                              $40.00CDN