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OpenBuilds C-Beam XL Kit
At A Glance

Machining Area X=800mm, Y=360mm, Z=80mm

NEMA23 Motor Lead Screw Drive on all Axes

Integrated Electronics on Assembled Unit 

Fully Assembled and Tested Starting at $2995

Parts Packages starting at
This is the latest addition to the OpenBuilds repertoire.  The C-Beam XL is a reavamped larger version of the venerable C-Beam Machine.  This machine is a full 1000mm wide, with a machining area of 750mmx330mm.  Usable cut depth is dependent on how you mount your spindle/router, bit length used and spoil board height, but as a ball park measurement you are looking at 1 inch (25mm) material. The Z working height is over 2 inches for deep carving.
The physical footprint is 1000mm x 500mm (with the moving Y table protruding out about 170mm at full travel, front and back) with the optional High Torque Steppers sticking out about 140mm from the frame at the back. Maximum Height ( Z-axis fully up) is about 630mm.  Dual actuators on the Y axis using double gantry plates make the bed much more stable than the original C-Beam Machine.
All the precise Acme Lead Screws are faced away from flying chips to help keep them clean.  Outside mounted Xtreme Solid V Wheels™ used throughout for easy on machine adjustment, tuning and strength.  Doubled up and adjustable Acme Nut blocks on Y and X axes with a Anti-Backlash Nut Block on the Z axis to reduce/remove backlash. 
Strong and accurate C-Beam™ and V-Slot™ Linear Rail with the new heavy duty C-Beam™ Gantry Plate XLarge used for all Actuators. 
Openbuilds Router / Spindle Mount (71mm inside diameter) which works best with the Bosch Colt Router; but with some additional shimming, it is also suitable for the Dewalt 611 Router and the 0.8kw Chinese Spindles (65mm diameter). 

The machine comes as a Mechanical Bundle which includes all mechanical parts to complete the machine, with the exception of Stepper Motors.  There are 2 grades of stepper motors available, the Standard and the High Torque NEMA 23 series.

This is not a kit, it is a bundle of parts.  A fair degree of skill and mechanical fitting is required to assemble the machine.  A very good build tutorial is available on the OpenBuilds site.  The machine is also available fully assembled and tested.


  • Resolution :  Basic .04mm/step @200steps/revolution.  Changing to microstep drive will increase resolution, at the expense of speed and torque.
  • Axis Travel: 750mm (X-Axis) x 330mm (Y-Axis) x 60mm (Z-Axis) approximately.  Max workpiece height 32mm.  


  • Dewalt DWP611 1.25 Hp router, variable speed
  • Electronic Homing Switch Kit
  • Standard (175 oz/in) or Mid Torque (265 oz/in) stepper motors
  • Electronic Homing Switches
  • Z axis Touch Pad
  • LED Light Ring


  • C-Beam Machine XL Mechanical Parts Bundle                                                                                    $1450.00 CDN
  • C-Beam XL Kit of Mechanical Parts With 4 X NEMA 23 Standard Motors:                                       $1600.00 CDN
  • C-Beam XL Kit of Mechanical Parts With 4 X NEMA 23 Mid Torque Motors:                                 $1650.00 CDN
  • C-Beam XL Fully assembled and tested With electronics and 4 X NEMA 23 Standard Motors:         $2995.00 CDN
(Note:  Prices subject to change without notice.  Prices subject to fluctuation in US/CDN dollar conversion.  Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling)

Custom options, accessories, and enhancements can be added.  Machine can also be supplied fully assembled and tested.  Call or Email for price quote.