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OB Sphinx Kits
At A Glance

New Super Kit Machine

Available in 2 sizes: the Model 55 -  500x500mm  and the Model 1050 - 500x1000mm

NEMA23 Motor Screw Drive on X,Y Axes,  Low Profile Lead Screw Z  Axis

Electronics and router not included 

Available in 2 different sizes and configurations

Kits (motors included) Starting at $1595.00

(Note:  Some photos include optional extras)

We can also supply this machine fully assembled and tested!

Openbuilds recently announced the new OB Sphinx kits, available in 500x500mm and 500x1000mm sizes.  These kits employ some new design concepts and are robust and strong.

The Sphinx is a super strong and accurate easy to assemble CNC machine. It takes advantage of the inside tracks of the C-Beam linear rail using Xtreme Mini Solid V Wheels and utilizes the top of the rail with full size Xtreme Solid V wheels. 

This is a moving gantry design machine, with 4 NEMA23 motors.
Many thanks go out to OpenBuilds member Kyo for sharing this awesome open source design!  

Sphinx Machine Specs: 
X Axis Travel (work area) 32.5" (833.5mm) 
Y Axis Travel (work area) 12.5" (325mm) 
Z Axis Travel 3.25" (85mm) 
Workable Material Height 2.5" (64.5mm) 
Lead screw driven 
Machine Accuracy - 0.001" (0.05mm) ~ 0.003" (0.10mm)  

Standard Features:

Kit includes Motors, all mechanical parts and fasteners, precut extrusions, and everything necessary to assemble the machine with the exception of Router, Electronics, and Spoil board.  Some metalworking experience and operations such as tapping and metal finishing may be required.   Assembly Video is available. 

Pricing subject to change without notice.  Pricing subject to fluctuations in US Dollar Conversion.  Prices FOB Calgary, Alberta.


Dewalt DWP611 variable speed soft start Router                                                                $200.00 CDN
Router Mount                                                                                                                        $60.00 CDN
E-Stop Kit                                                                                                                              $40.00 CDN
Z Axis Touch Plate kit                                                                                                            $30.00 CDN
Cable Chain kit - .5m 10x15 id cable chain                                                                           $15.00 CDN
Electronics Kit with 4 stepper drivers, power supply, motion controller,
fuse holders, power cord, USB cable, mounting panel and hardware,
acrylic dust cover, cable cahin, all wire and mounting hardware                                         $450.00 CDN

OB Sphinx 55 Kit mechanical parts only                                                                              $1500.00 CDN
OB Sphinx 55 kit with 4 x NEMA23 motors                                                                          $1600.00 CDN
OB Sphinx 1050 Kit mechanical parts only                                                                          $1600.00 CDN
OB Sphinx 1050 Kit with 4 x NEMA23 motors                                                                     $1700.00 CDN

Custom options, accessories, and enhancements can be added.    We have a good selection of bits and accessories in stock.  We can also supply this machine fully assembled and tested, with electronics.  Call or Email for price quote.