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3D Tech CBM3 
At a Glance:

Much improved version of the Openbuilds C-Beam Machine

Machining Area X=380mm x Y=380mm Z=80mm

Full metal V-Slot Bed standard

NEMA23 Motor Lead Screw Drive on all Axes

Integrated Electronics (fully assembled version)

Fully Assembled and Tested Starting at $2450

Router, Laptop, and Acrylic Side Panels not included.
 Some items shown in Photos are optional extras

The 3D Tech CBM-3 is an entry level CNC router platform designed by 3D Tech Works based on an OpenBuilds design.   This mini machine is designed for doing small carvings and signs under 16" x 16".         C-Beam extrusions form the axis actuators.  The C-beam profile provides amazing rigidity with little weight.  The actuators are lead screw type with 200 step/revolution NEMA 23 motors for maximum accuracy and robustness.  The Y-Axis and Y-Axis actuators have a nominal length of 500mm.  Travel is somewhat less than the overall length to allow for width of the carriage, etc.

The X- and Y- axes ride on a wheeled gantry with v-wheels on the track.  X-Axis and Y-Axis have 6 wheel gantries, while the Z is 4 wheels.  The wide wheel spacing provides maximum strength and stiffness, while allowing the carriages to move freely.  The Y-Axis actuator mounts on the base, and has a table attached which moves in the Y plane rather than a moving gantry.  The X-Axis gantry is also 500mm length, fixed in place and supported by C-Beam side supports rigidly attached to the base.  The X-Axis gantry moves left to right on a C-Beam actuator, and supports the Z-Axis actuator.  The X- and Z- Axes are both lead screw driven with NEMA 23 motors.

The Z-Axis is 250mm in length, with wheels internal to the C-Beam actuator.  It has a mount for a standard palm router.  It has full length travel of around 100mm, which allows for milling of fairly tall objects.   The Z-Axis actuator is adjustable vertically to accomodate thicker workpieces.  The Z axis can also be equipped with a belt drive motor option, that makes the machine lower and more compact.

An all aluminum table is standard which is slotted for tee nuts and is much more robust than the MDF table.  The table has support both in the center on a 4 wheel gantry plate, and additional 4 wheel outriggers which immensely stiffens the table and allows easy adjustment to level.  An MDF or plastic spoil board can be added to the table for through cuts.

Electronics on the fully assembled version is our own modular integrated electronic panel which mounts right on the back of the machine.  This give maximum versatility, ease of service, and minimal fussing with cables and connections.  Only 2 cables need to be connected, power and USB.

The fully assembled system comes tested and calibrated, and includes a 24V, 350W power supply, Arduino preprogrammed with GRBL, 3   Motors and Drivers, and USB Cable.  E-Stop switch and router mount is also included.  Router spindle and tooling is not included, but can be supplied as an option.  G-Code software, 3D Cad software, and incidental software are included or available for free download.

The Original OpenBuild C-Beam Machine version is also available as a parts kit for the mechanical parts only.     Electronics, power supply, router, and wiring is not included, sold separately.  For those who prefer to build their own machine and customize it to their preferences.  Call for quote on the parts kits.


  • Power: 24VDC, 350W max.  100-132VAC input (not including router draw)
  • Resolution :  Basic .04mm/step @200steps/revolution.  
  • Axis Travel: 300mm (X-Axis) x 280mm (Y-Axis) x 100mm (Z-Axis) approximately.  


  • Dewalt DWP611 Trim Router, 1.25 Hp, variable speed                                         $200.00CDN
  • Homing Switch Kit installed                                                                                   $125.00CDN
  • Z axis Touch Pad installed                                                                                         $40.00CDN
  • LED Light Ring installed                                                                                          $40.00CDN
  • Heavy Duty Z axis including dual router mount, 4 Extra Gantry wheels                $100.00CDN
  • Low Profile Z axis, belt drive motor                                                                       $100.00CDN
  • Acrylic Side Panels                                                                                                   $40.00CDN

  • 3D Tech CBM-3 Assembled and Tested Base Model w/electr (router not included) $2450.00 CDN
(Note:  Prices subject to change without notice.  Prices subject to fluctuation in US/CDN dollar conversion.  Prices do not include taxes or shipping and handling)

Custom options, accessories, and enhancements can be added.  Call or Email for price quote.