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New!  3D TEch Big Ox HD

We have just introduced our latest upgrade for the Big Ox package.  Designed to upgrade the stiffness and strength of the Big Ox, the package consists of several upgraded components:

  • Larger 2x 20x80mm X Axis rails for improved rigidity and strength over the standard 2x 20x60mm rails.
  • Taller Y Axis gantry plates for improved Z Axis Travel
  • C-Beam Z Axis for improved stiffness and control.  40x80mm C-Beam is much more rigid than the 20x60mm standard Z rail.
  • 8 Wheel Z Axis carriage strengthens the Z Axis substantially over the 6 wheel standard
  • Y Axis Wheel Stiffener Plates for better resistance to flexing
  • Larger 20x60mm rear brace replaces the older 20x40mm brace for improved rigidity
  • Minimal price increase of 10% over the original Big Ox

Some of My Builds
Custom Blue Ox with black anodized extrusions
Some Client Projects
Laser Engraving
C-Beam Machine Assembly Video
OX Assembly Video Part 1
OX Assembly Video Part 2